Specialists in Passenger transport

Examples of Project Achievements


  • 2021 Transit Systems:
    Member of the Planning & Scheduling Team helping deliver improved reliability leading to Regions 3 & 6 consistently achieving within the top three for On Time Running in Sydney.
  • 2020 Transit Systems:
    Design of timetables for new routes and major frequency upgrades across the Inner West in Sydney.
  • 2019 Punchbowl Bus Company:
    Ongoing Weekend Rail Replacement bus scheduling for four lines of the Sydney Trains network, involving up to 350 drivers per day.
  • 2018 Transdev:
    Member of the Tender team successful in winning a renewal of the Sydney Ferries contract.
  • 2018 Transit Systems:
    Design of timetables for the introduction of improved frequencies and route changes in Sydney's Inner West.
  • 2018 Transdev:
    Member of the Tender team successful in winning the Parramatta Light Rail contract.
  • 2017 Transdev:
    Member of the Tender team successful in winning trials of On Demand Transport services in the Sutherland Shire.
  • 2016 - 2018 SkyBus NZ:
    Design of timetables, shifts and rosters for upgrade of former AirBus service between Auckland City and Airport.
  • 2015 SkyBus:
    Design of timetables, shifts and rosters for extension of City express bus service to Melbourne Airport's new T4 Terminal.
  • 2015 Interline:
    Design of timetables for introduction of new bus routes to meet new South West Rail Link to Leppington and improvements to on-time running across the route service and school bus networks.
  • 2015 Transdev:
    Undertake proofreading and checking of transfer of route bus scheduling from Austrics into the Hastus scheduling system.
  • 2014 Transdev:
    Design of timetables and crew shifts & rosters for extension of Sydney Light Rail line to Dulwich Hill, including segregated driver allocation for two different tram classes.
  • 2014 Punchbowl Bus Company:
    Ongoing scheduling of timetables and shifts for regular Sydney Trains Rail Replacement bus services during trackwork.
  • 2013 Transdev:
    Identification of critical trip time changes to improve on-time running performance, with minimal wages cost and no bus cost.
  • 2012 Veolia Transdev:
    Preparation of routes, timetables, shifts and public consultation for review of Routes 452, 453 and 455 in the Rockdale area, including improved frequencies and reliability, and saving of one bus.
  • 2012 Transdev:
    Ongoing scheduling of timetables and shifts for regular Sydney Trains Rail Replacement bus services during trackwork.
  • 2011 Veolia Transport:
    Design of timetables for introduction of Metrobus Routes M90, M91 and M92, and associated local routes.
  • 2011 Veolia Transport:
    Negotiations with Council resulting in major redesign of new Hurstville Bus Interchange to better meet the needs of passengers and buses.
  • 2011 Veolia Transport:
    Initiation of concept to redesign bus services through Auburn town centre then negotiations with Council to improve access and eliminate circuitous routes.
  • 2011 Forster Coaches & Wingham Coaches:
    Review of school bus network to save 2 buses and design of new user-friendly town bus network.
  • 2010 Veolia Transport:
    Implementation of timetables for NSW Government Growth Bus strategy on Routes 900, 905, 907, 910, 948, 962 and 970.
  • 2010 Hopkinsons:
    Representation on the Area 3 Management Company Team developing the Region 3 Integrated Network Plan routes, timetables and shifts.
  • 2009 Veolia Transport:
    Integration of former Crowthers Buslink services into Veolia Transport network and introduction of cross-regional Routes 969 and 971.
  • 2009 Caringbah Bus Service:
    Development of new network and timetables as part of the introduction of the Region 11 Integrated Network Plan.
  • 2008 Veolia Transport:
    Extensive negotiations with local Council to ensure optimum design of bus interchanges at Bankstown Station and Centro shopping centre.
  • 2008 Veolia Transport:
    Design of timetables for World Youth Day services.
  • 2007 Veolia Transport:
    Review and refinement of timetables in Regions 10 and 13.
  • 2006 Veolia Transport:
    Design of timetables for new Region 10 and 13 bus networks.
  • 2005 Forster Coaches:
    Review of school bus network to save 3 buses.
  • 2005 Connex:
    Review of school bus network at Villawood Depot and Revesby Depot to save buses.
  • 2005 RailCorp:
    Research and scheduling of bus services to permanently replace trains between Moss Vale and Goulburn.
  • 2005 Connex:
    Rescheduling of Villawood Depot shifts and rosters to achieve a 5% saving compared to shifts generated by the Austrics rostering program.
  • 2004 NSW Premier's Department:
    Planning, scheduling and rostering of bus routes for the inaugural Museums Light Up Sydney! major event.
  • 2003 Connex:
    Reintroduction of manual shifts and rosters (to replace an initial unsuccessful attempt to use Austrics computerised rostering software) thereby saving 9 morning buses, 5 afternoon buses and almost 300 hours labour per week.
  • 2002 Hopkinsons:
    Successful negotiations with Holroyd City Council to ensure that town centre redevelopment plans took account of the needs of buses, forcing a back down on original proposals which would have hampered bus efficiency.
  • 2001 Bathurst Coaches:
    Redevelopment of town bus network including design of a coordinated system of inter-connecting routes to improve cross-town travel opportunities, especially to Charles Sturt University, resulting in a doubling of patronage less than 6 months after introduction.
  • 2000 Connex SouthTrans / Punchbowl Paralympics:
    Manual rescheduling of Austrics' shifts to achieve savings in driver hours of between 5% and 10%.
  • 2000 Connex SouthTrans / Punchbowl Olympics:
    Operations management of two cross-regional spectator routes to the Sydney Olympics coordinating the rosters of over 100 buses and 200 drivers on a daily basis throughout the Olympic Games.
  • 1999 SouthTrans:
    Successful negotiation with Sutherland Shire Council to reach agreement on an innovative traffic signal design in Miranda incorporating a unique U turn bus movement through a B light phase so as to preserve the efficiency of bus movements at the terminus whilst addressing Council's needs for improved pedestrian safety.
  • 1999 SouthTrans / Punchbowl:
    On site management of operations and dispatching of bus services from Homebush Bay to Miranda, the busiest of the nine cross regional bus services provided for ORTA during the Royal Easter Show.
  • 1998 Interline: Rationalisation of route and school bus network including stronger cross regional links to Macarthur Square / UWS and saving of 5 school buses.
  • 1998 Hopkinsons:
    Project Manager for three of the inaugural Royal Easter Show cross regional bus routes including the Dee Why service which required constant supervision and augmentation due to under-estimation of demand by ORTA.
  • 1997 SouthTrans / Punchbowl:
    Preparation of costing, scheduling and rostering of buses and drivers for numerous Rail closedowns including regular Inner West 6 track closures involving up to 150 buses and 250 drivers per day.
  • 1996 Coachlink:
    Coordination of coach bookings and itineraries, and production of running sheets for a national operation moving RAAF personnel from all States to 75th Anniversary camp at Wagga Wagga (54 coach movements).
  • 1995 Kirklands:
    Review of Lismore town bus services including integration of four sub-networks previously operated separately into a simplified timetable format.
  • 1994 SouthTrans:
    Integration of former South-Western and Sutherland Bus Company services with existing SouthTrans routes (57 buses) including introduction of new cross-regional links to Miranda.
  • 1992 SouthTrans:
    Review of all school specials in the Menai, Engadine, Miranda and Hurstville area (62 buses) to save 5 buses and incorporate journeys to new school at Lucas Heights without the need for additional buses.
  • 1991 Shorelink:
    Integration of former separate Hornsby, Deanes, Pennant Hills and Warringah networks (65 buses) including introduction of new links to regional centres and review of school services to eliminate 7 buses.
  • 1990 Department of Transport:
    Major overhaul of North & Western / Metro West routes (80 buses) under direction of DoT. Review of declining routes and re-focussing of network on growth centres of Parramatta, Chatswood, North Sydney and Macquarie.

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